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Veg-tan is considered the original, “true” tanning. The leather is tanned in vats with the extracts of bark and leaves from a variety of tree species, mainly oak. The reason it is considered “true” tanning is because the word “tanning” actually derived from the process of using the tree “tannins” to treat the hide. 
Unfinished and untreated veg-tan leather is a light tan/pink colour that has a look of “raw” leather. It is a lot stiffer than chromium salt tanning and can also be sensitive to water. 
Veg-tan leather is most suited to applications where very heavy-duty leather is required such as saddlery and horse tack, belts, luggage, baseball gloves, medieval costuming, and high-end wallets.

More about the designer. Most of our bags have been designed by JPBosboom. 

Started in 1982 selling, distributing, marketing and designing LEATHERBAGS, bags designed by JPBosboom always have been rewarded because of their simplicity though very destinctive design. The materials he is using as well as in the past and also for today aways have had an ecological approach. Inspiration from the 'normal' people, met and seen during his travels all over the world.


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